To See Surety in a Dream Meanings

To See Surety in a Dream Meanings

To See Surety in a Dream Meanings

In a dream, a guarantee means commitment or a promise to take responsibility for something. If the content of the guarantee is of good nature, such as charity, or a guarantee of safe conduct, or a promise to satisfy a need, or a promise to save someone in need, then the dream represents the good character and nature of the person seeing it. If the guarantee is promising alcohol, wine, unlawful money or contempt, then the dream means confinement, need, poverty, parsimony, or tight fitness, because the guarantor in the dream is the debtor and the guarantee in a dream represents a fine. If one sees himself guaranteeing someone for something in a dream,it means that he will learn something good from the one he is guaranteeing, or that he will he regret something he already guaranteed.

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