To See Shroud in a Dream Meanings

To See Shroud in a Dream Meanings

To See Shroud in a Dream Meanings

A shroud in a dream means covering one’s private parts,or it could mean having a secret affair, concealing one’s action while displaying a deceptive appearance, or it could mean marriage with an incompatible spouse. Wearing a shroud in a dream also may mean earning money from adultery. If one sees a shroud and does not wear it in his dream, it means that he will be lured to engage in adultery, though he will abstain. Being wrapped in a shroud like a dead person in a dream means one’s death. If one’s head and feet are still uncovered in the dream, it represents his religious failure and corruption. The smaller is the wrap shrouding the deceased in a dream, the closer he is to repentance and the larger is the wrap and more complete is his preparation for burial in the dream, the further he is from repentance.

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