To See Qubba in a Dream Meanings

To See Qubba in a Dream Meanings

To See Qubba in a Dream Meanings

In a dream, a dome represents someone in command. Building a dome in a dream means marriage. Demolishing a dome means death or a divorce. A dome also signifies power and ruling if one owns it, or if he stands under one in his dream. Seeing a dome and birds surrounding it in a dream also means exaltation. Building a dome over clouds in a dream means marriage, power and rank. Seeing green domes standing between the heavens and the earth in a dream means that one’s deeds are raised to be worthy of blessing, or that he might die as a martyr. If one sees four men demolishing a dome in a dream, it means that a renowned scholar in that locality will shortly die and his elements of earth,fire, water, air and either will destroy one another.

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