To See Kohl Jar In A Dream Means

To See Kohl Jar In A Dream Means

To See Kohl Jar In A Dream Means

In a dream, a kohl jar represents a woman who serves others, advises them in managing their finances and teaches women about their religious and spiritual role. One’s eyes in a dream represent his religious standing while the kohl is used to beautify them or as a cure. Putting the kohl brush or stick inside a kohl jar to extract kohl powder and apply it to his eyelid in a dream means marriage for a single person, profits for a poor person, or knowledge for an ignorant person. If the kohl jar contains ashes, or butter, or a foamy substance, or feces in the dream, it means that one is seeking earnings from falsehood and innovation. A kohl jar in a dream also may represent a coffer, lost money, a box to keep one’s personal papers or documents.

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